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Contender 28 Sport Boats for Sale 14% OFF **Only 134.850 USD

Contender 28 Sport Boat for Sale only $134.850 USD. Save 14% now. The 28 Contender for Sale has a variety of features that will appeal to both professional fishermen and recreational boating. With a fiberglass lining, a headboard, and an expanded drop-down console with shower, this design, 28 Contender Boat for Sale, combines its renowned fishing ability in harsh conditions with standard amenities that all boaters enjoy. These amenities allow boat owners to store a lot of food and inventory in addition to convenient use. 28 Contender Boat has a unique front seating arrangement. Includes additional fuel capacity storage, enough for long ranges, custom seating seats and spaces, customized T-top design, custom valve placement, instrument configuration, and much more.

Contender 28 Sport Reviews & Contender 28 Sport Specs

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28 Contender for Sale is rugged and stable for all-weather riders with protective side consoles. The new machine will be ready to go next spring. Includes fire extinguishers, vests, and more! Inspection equipment can be found but has not been inspected for this season. Boat stored in our winter storage hall. If you want to see the boat, call and arrange a display with our brokers. Also, through us, you get a wide range of financing options, at competitive prices.

Year: 2017 Engine Power: 230 HP Fuel Tanks: (185 Gallons)
Engine Brand: Yamaha Engine/Fuel Type: Twin / Gas/Petrol Hull Material: Fiberglass

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Contender 28 Sport Boat price is $134.850 USD.

Contender 28 Sport Boat can go 28 knot.

Please contact your dealer regarding warranty options for Contender 28 Sport Boat.