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Fountain 35 Lightning Boats for Sale 25% Discount **Just $88.550 USD

35 Fountain Lightning for Sale for just $88.550 USD. Fountain 35 Lightning is the boat for the speed-lovers! It is very fast besides that you will feel very safe on it. This boat is both so solid and stable. The best word that describes 35 Fountain Lightning Boat is subtlety. Although it is very fast, the passengers will be sitting stable thanks to its three personal bolsters. Do you want to feel the fastest and safest? So it is the boat you need the most. Its features and specifications make it the best boat you could find. Also, the satisfaction you will feel is remarkable. Please check the other details below for this 35 Fountain Boat for Sale.

Fountain 35 Lightning Reviews & Fountain 35 Lightning Specs

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35 Fountain Lightning for Sale is suitable for a cottage, fishing, or as a connecting boat even in harsh weather. Excellent driving characteristics. Large open with space to fish and move around. 2 long storage spaces for rods.  Regardless of the application, the boat’s excellent surfing properties bring a crucial sense of safety when the weather is challenging. Engine recommendation max 90 hp. Works great with a 65 hp engine. 35 Fountain Lightning Boat has optional equipment included in the exhibition version, but NOT included in this version.

Year:2008 Engine: Mercruiser Fuel Capacity:164gal
Max Draft: 2.94f t Fuel: Gasoline Beam:8.38 ft
Engine Model: 496 MAG HO Number of Engines: 1 Lenght Overall: 37 f t

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Fountain 35 Lightning for Sale & Fountain 35 Lightning Boats Photos

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Fountain 35 Lightning Boat price is $88.550 USD. VAT not included.

Fountain 35 Lightning Boat can go 35 knot.

We offer in U.S. Dollars.