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Catalina 25 Boats for Sale 22% Discount **Just $10.780 USD

Catalina 25 sailboat for sale is a rare boat for sale. It has functional options and upgrades, and additions have been made to the highest standards that set it apart from new models. Changes will be considered at the time of sale. In early 2019, most of the surviving / working equipment, poles, cables, and lights were replaced, the bottom was painted, and the hull was polished. Existing Canvas arson and sail covers will last for a few more years but eventually, need to be replaced. Catalina 25 Boat for sale is the only boat currently on the market and sold at this price. Our reason for selling Catalina 25 for sale is that we want to upgrade models.

Catalina 25 Reviews & Catalina 25 Specs

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Catalina 25 sailboat for sale is waiting for a new owner. You can contact us via our contact numbers to discuss the price and payment. We can talk about the details and suggest a suitable cost for you. Do not hesitate to submit the quotes you have thought to us. Your price offers will definitely be evaluated. Catalina 25 is a popular boat where you can find lots of users with opinions and lots of spare parts available. This makes Catalina 25 for sale a convenient boat that is easy to reach.

Year: 1989 Total Power: 10.5 hp Engine Year: 2014
Fuel Type: Gasoline Engine Make: Suzuki Nominal Length: 25.8 ft
Hull Material: Fiberglass Engine Model: DF 9.9 Length at Waterline: 22.18 ft

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Catalina 25 Boat price is $10.780 USD.

No, we are just promoting Catalina 25 Boat. If you interest in this boat, you can contact our broker for your all requests.

Catalina 25 Boat producer is Catalina Yachts founder Frank Butler.