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Cobalt R5 Boats for Sale 45% OFF *Only $89.900 USD **Best Price

Cobalt R5 Boat is here! Save 45% and buy this boat below $90.000 USD. Cobalt R5 for Sale means Surf and Wave. Surfers of all levels can surf the bigger, better waves at the press of a button. Plus, a headrest, more weight, and smooth ride make for a great day in the water, beyond what you would expect from a Cobalt. Custom sewn aluminum instrument panels with matching colors, accessory power plug (12 Volt) black leather, SS steering wheel, dash circumference SS emphasis, depth, and water temperature meter. Easy surf electronic control system, glass material cockpit, Garmin 7607, glossy black instrument console, SS highlights, hour meter, illuminated switch panel, switches, and Cobalt R5 Boat for Sale has stainless steel keys.

Cobalt R5 Reviews & Cobalt R5 Specs

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Cobalt R5 Boat year of construction 2018 excellent general conditions never charter. This boat is comfortable for 8 people. The excellent design of the hull, allows high stability and good speeds, even with low power for driving without a license. Cobalt R5 for Sale is completed by two anatomic sports seats and its premium upholstery. The boat is perfect I do not respond to ridiculous offers.

Year: 2018 Fuel Type: Gas Class: Ski and Wakeboard Boat, Bowrider
Hull Material: Fiberglass Type: Power Length: 27 ft 7 in

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Cobalt R5 Boat cost is $89.900 USD.

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Cobalt R5 Boats can go max. 34 knot.