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Pacific Seacraft Dana 24 Boat for Sale 20% OFF *Only $32.750 USD

Dana 24 for Sale has been owned by the same owner for 20 years. New under the paint was made in 2018. After a major overhaul, the engine traveled 920 hours. Pacific Seacraft Dana 24 Sailboat is in good condition, solid and working. Dana 24 boat for sale has captivated anyone who has the opportunity to see it. You must see it if you are interested in it. Dana 24 sailboat has spent most of her life in freshwater lakes. Dana 24 boat has sailed in the Bay in the last 4 years. He also toured the Islands. Our plans changed, and we decided to sell. By purchasing, you can be the next person to share these adventures. There is a new Mast, and the boom has a bluewater design, equipped with repaired working equipment as well as a new harken furling.

Pacific Seacraft Dana 24 Reviews & Pacific Seacraft Dana 24 Specs

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Pacific Seacraft Dana 24 Boat is a unique opportunity to get an excellent sailing experience. New mainsail and APC were added in 2018. If you are interested in Dana 24 sailboat for sale, you can contact us for details via our contact information. Dana 24 for sale is a cruiser with top quality gear and a high-performance boat with a high rating in windy weather. Also, you can find life jackets for two adults and two children in this sailboat.

Year: 1986 Length: 26.5′ Hull Material: Fiberglass
Engine/Fuel Type: Single / diesel Total Power: 20 HP Dry Weight: 7250 lbs
Engine Brand: Yanmar 2GM20F Beam: 8 ft 7.3 in Maximum Draft: 3 ft 15 in

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Pacific Seacraft Dana 24 Boat price is $32.750 USD.

Pacific Seacraft Dana 24 Boat can go max. 18 knot.

Pacific Seacraft Dana 24 Boat is waiting for you. Please contact us. We will contact you as soon as possible.