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Dark Harbor 17 Daysailer for Sale 20% OFF **Only $16.800 USD

1930 Classic Dark Harbor 17 Daysailer for sale is a pure sailing vessel of utter beauty; It can be used easily with one hand and is very comfortable and safe thanks to its small cozy cabin and self-contained cockpit. It can be used for long distances. Its deep structure and massive rig provide the wonderful, sweet feeling with Dark Harbor 17 for Sale, which is pretty graceful, powerful, fast, responsive, and useful. There are other larger boats with the character Dark Harbor 17 Boat for Sale, but we can say that this boat is the smallest design that gives such a glamorous and stylish sailing experience.

Dark Harbor 17 Reviews & Dark Harbor 17 Specs

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Dark Harbor 17 for sale is suitable for a wonderful day trip with water skiing and an evening trip. The boat has good specifications and is in perfect condition. Dark Harbor 17 has everything you could wish for. We offer up to 5 years engine warranty. This 1930 Dark Harbor 17 Daysailer is well equipped with, among other things, anchor winches in the stern, upgraded plotter, complete teak flooring, kitchenette, heater, etc. We are happy to look into replacing your current boat, and we can offer you full service, including winter storage.

Hull material: Wood Lwl: 17ft 9 in Loa: 25ft 15in
 Year: 1930 Length: 26.7′ Beam: 6ft 8in

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Dark Harbor 17 for Sale & Dark Harbor 17 Boats Photos

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Dark Harbor 17 discounted price is $16.800 USD.

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