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Falmouth Cutter 22 Boat for Sale 15% Discount *Just $43.950 USD

Falmouth Cutter 22 for sale is just USD 43.950. Get with a special price and save 15% right now. Falmouth Cutter 22 sailboat models are perfect boats, especially for wide families. It is a boat with a secure keel, built predominantly of fiberglass, with wood trim. Falmouth cutter 22 boats for sale is a kind of sailboat with a perfect look. You will like so much the modern structure of the boat. You can have comfortable times with this boat. It is absolutely suitable for every activity like a party. Spending time in this sailboat will make you feel better than every time. There is a dinette table and two beds as accommodations. Dinette table can also be slid under the cockpit in the time not required. You will enjoy it so much.

Falmouth Cutter 22 Reviews & Falmouth Cutter 22 Specs

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Falmouth Cutter 22 for sale is a stable and safe boat for all kinds of use, which given its length is extremely stable to row. Besides the table and beds, there are also stoves and seats. You can find many things that you need at a home. Falmouth Cutter 22 sailboat will be like a second home for you. Furthermore, the boat’s sail is made of great materials. Never teared up easily. Mainsail area and genoa area are totally 30,725 m2 as the net measurement.

Weight:  7,400 lb. (3,357 kg.) Beam: 8.00 ft. (2.44 M) Length Overall: 22.0 ft. (6.7 M)
Engine: 7 hp. (5 Kw.) Rudder(S): Transom-Mounted Rudder Waterline Length: 20.83 ft. (6.35 M)
Rig Type: Bermuda Rig Ballast: 2,500 lb. (1,134 Kg) Keel/Board Type: Long Keel

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Falmouth Cutter 22 for Sale & Falmouth Cutter 22 Boats Photos

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Falmouth Cutter 22 Boat price is USD 43.950.

Falmouth Cutter 22 Boat can go approx 14 - 16 knot.

Please contact your dealer about warranty options for Falmouth Cutter 22 Boat.