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Falmouth Cutter 22 Boats for Sale 22% OFF **Only $42.800 USD *Best Offer

Falmouth Cutter 22 for Sale are preferred because of their Cruisers, Antique, Classic, Cutter, and Sloop models. Falmouth Cutter 22 Boats usually have a larger draft and an above-average beam. These features are what make them a favorite for day and night cruising and sailing.

Falmouth Cutter 22 Boats for sale consist of very robust and high-quality materials, renowned for their navigational features and extremely convenient interior layout. Owners of this Falmouth cutter 22 have invested time and resources in constantly upgrading the conditions of use for local and long journeys, equipping the interior, and preserving materials. Contact us via our contact number and learn more about the details.

Falmouth Cutter 22 Reviews & Falmouth Cutter 22 Specs

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Falmouth Cutter 22 for Sale maintenance done on time. Next summer to sail for sale due to lack of use and time, sailing with equipment, water toilet, septic tank, solar panel, dual battery system shore power, heater. The use of space well designed. Easy access between the cabin and the open space. The boat is easy to sail, very resistant to wind. Sandblasted and painted about 3 years ago. Also, the deal includes a tractor-driven trailer, shown in one photo.

Year: 1996 Length: 22.7′ Fuel type: Diesel
Engine brand: Yanmar Hull material: Fiberglass Engine: Single

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Falmouth Cutter 22 for Sale & Falmouth Cutter 22 Boats Photos

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Falmouth Cutter 22 Boat price is $42.800 USD.

Please contact your dealer about warranty options for this Falmouth Cutter 22 Boat.

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