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Formula 280 SS Boats for Sale **Limited Time Offer *Only $28.500

Formula 280 SS for Sale By Owner with limited time offer that is only $28.500. Formula 280 SS Boats for sale is a perfectly sized boat that is very suitable for those who want to travel in the bay or anchor in inland waters. With 7,500 lbs of power, it is quite easy to tow trailers to lakes and rivers. Formula 280 SS Boats for sale never stopped in the boat section. Most of the kilometers made were in freshwater, with less impact on the rear drives. Most of the retained express cruisers are both rear-drive service (done biennially), diving service charges (monthly or bimonthly), and bottom painting (done every three years).  Avoid those costs with Formula 280 SS for sale! It is extremely clean and well maintained! From the first owner! Two-bed cabin! Refurbished batteries!

Formula 280 SS Reviews & Formula 280 SS Specs

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Formula 280 SS Boats for Sale in good condition with Volvo Penta 2 x D6-380. Formula 280 SS Boats for Sale is for commuting and weekend trips with overnight stays, with its nice aft deck, it is also suitable for fishing. Classic with history and with an Italian touch. The boat shows that it is almost not used. Explore the places you did not even know existed. This model is the design gem of its own weight class. Formula 280 SS Boats for Sale is a versatile boat with a center console that offers practical spaces for six passengers. If Formula 280 SS for Sale Craigslist ad has sold before, maybe this ad would be for you. Please contact with me all your questions.

Year: 2014 Length: 29′ Hull Material: Fiberglass
Class: Bowrider Fuel: Gasoline Brand: Formula

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If you are looking for used Formula 280 SS boats for sale at Craigslist, the above advertisement might be for you. For more related Formula 280 SS's advertisement, please check the related ads below. Please contact us for any further information. We have approx 38,000 quality boat models like Formula 280 SS Boats on this site. One of them is waiting for you.

Formula 280 SS Boats price is approx $28.500

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Formula 280 SS Boats can go max 36 knot.

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