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Formula 330 Ss Boats for Sale **SUPER SALE *For Just $89.800 USD

Formula 330 SS discounted price is $89.800 USD. This price is very good for the boat market. Everybody knows that Formula 330 SS Boats for Sale is absolutely an amazing sea cruiser for a couple with pets. Its interior design brings everything needed for its passengers. Particularly, you may enjoy the sunshine while traveling with it on water. The other good stuff is to swim and get burn once you pause for a while on the water. For fishermen, you can also have a wonderful time while fishing on it. Plus, you can make your fish fried by using the stove in there. Needless to say, Formula 330 Ss Boat would be a perfect choice to get away from the land and enjoy the sea and waves while taking a ride on it. Let us know if you have thought or decided to buy.

Formula 330 Ss Reviews & Formula 330 Ss Specs

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Formula 330 SS boat has been trolling and cottage use since 2015. The boat is serviced regularly and everything works as it should. The oils are changed every 80h and otherwise serviced on time. The sheltered and high-profile open space of the multi-purpose Formula 330 Ss Boat for Sale is safe for even the smallest passengers in the family. This excellent boat capacity is 12 people, semi-sliding, C-rating, pressurized water for the pantry, the indoor and outdoor shower also hot water. The boat still in trolling mode and the possibility of a test drive.

Year:2015 Engine: Volvo Penta Number Of Engines: 1
Engine Model: 8.7  Fuel: Gasoline Fuel Capacity: 21 gal
Max Draft: 2.85 ft  Length Overall: 34.7 ft Beam: 10.20 ft

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Formula 330 Ss Boat discounted price is $89.800 USD.

Formula 330 Ss Boat can go 33 knot.

Please contact your dealer regarding warranty options for Formula 330 Ss Boat.