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Macgregor 26 Boats for Sale 25% OFF *Only $10.425 USD

Macgregor 26 Boat is in very good condition. The price is very competitive. 25% Discount is just here for this amazing boat. Macgregor 26 Boats for Sale is a kind of sailboat in every captain’s imagine. It has a strong structure that is suitable for all kinds of waters to ride on. Thanks to the large capacity of the Macgregor 26 boat, you can make lots of activities. This is a boat with a sail made of qualified fabric. It’s so quick, stable, and responsive boat. Furthermore, it is the fastest model one of all over sailing boats. It’s handling is also better than others. It has 4 berths in totally. 2 of them are double berths. This boat will bring you lots of advantages. You will have fun so much with this perfect boat.

Macgregor 26 Reviews & Macgregor 26 Specs

macgregor-26-boats-for-sale Sailboats

The Macgregor 26 sailboat has a total of 26 specifications as performance and physical. Carbon fiber mast with excellent sails with good equipment. It’s mainsail’s area is 15.79 sq. Meters and jib’s area is 12.08 sq meters. The boat’s mast is 9.14 meters in height from the deck. It can be controlled easily. It has also an ideal cabin headroom. It’s just 1.83 meters. This boat has excellent equipment very well maintained and serviced.

Boat weight, empty: 2540 lbs. / 1166 kg. Beam: 2.40 mt. Length Overall: 7.75 mt.
Waterline length: 7.46 mt. Engine capacity: 5 to 65 h.p. / 48 kw. Fuel capacity: 28 gal. /  90.95 lt.
Trailer weight with surge brakes: 545 lbs. / 254 kg. Water ballast: 1140 lbs. / 511 kg. Permanent ballast: 3302 lbs. / 138 kg.

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Macgregor 26 for Sale & Macgregor 26 Boats Photos

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Macgregor 26 Boat price is $10.450 USD.

Macgregor 26 Boat's producer is MacGregor Yacht Corporation.