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Mako 21 LTS Boats for Sale 22% OFF **Just $37.280 *Amazing OFFER!

Mako 21 LTS for Sale is an aggressive coastal hunter, suitable for use in all coastal conditions. You can buy it for just $37.280 USD right now. Makko 21 LTS Boats for sale, produced according to the specifications recommended by the best redfish tournament professionals, has a patented fast planer system traverse and MAKO performance fiberglass body. This allows you to get where you want to reach quickly, increasing engine efficiency. Mako 21 Lts Boats, hull, deck connection is chemically bonded 360 ° and mechanically secured every 6 inches with stainless steel fasteners for lifetime durability. The 21 LTS comes with a Mako tandem-axle aluminum trailer and Mercury outboard engine, power up to 225 hp is available as an option.

Mako 21 LTS Reviews & Mako 21 LTS Specs

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Mako 21 LTS for Sale approved for 6 people. It has bow and well cover, awning, background painting, class 5 palamenta, anchor lights, flagpole, underwater LED lights, solarium bow, table, radar 24 miles, inverter 12v to 220v, electric winch 5000w. Mako 21 LTS Boat for Sale very good condition! Full mechanical recovery with a large part of the peripherals of new engines, turbos etc. Please note that customizations, factory transport, trailer, registration and pallet are not included. To discuss the price issue, contact us at the contact numbers. Let’s talk about the details and offer you a cost that suits you.

Year: 2015 Fuel: Gasoline Beam: 9′ 5”
Length: 22′ 6” Engine: Mako Fuel Tank Capacity: 65 Gal
Model: 24 LTS Hull Material: Fiberglass Draft: 14”

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Mako 21 LTS for Sale & Mako 21 LTS Boats Photos

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Mako 21 LTS boat price is approx $37.280 USD.

Mako 21 LTS Boats can go max 29 knot.

Please contact your dealer for warranty options.