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Malibu M235 Boats for Sale **BIG SALE For Just $110.950 USD

Malibu M235 Boat for Sale is a choice of ones wishing to ride an astonishing yacht. Buy Malibu M235 for Sale now for just $110.950 USD. This boat appearance can be exactly seen as second to none. The engine provides excellent performance in terms of speed, maneuverability, and safety. There could be a great party on board as its capacity is up to 21 passengers. Also, passengers can spend the night in the bow where there are a large double bed and a toilet. Though, it is sure that you must get on board and enjoy such a spectacular tour with your friends and beloved ones. Malibu M235 Boat enables you to surf with its mounted surfboard while riding a tour. No other yachts can be such well equipped as this.

Malibu M235 Reviews & Malibu M235 Specs

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Malibu M235 Boats for Sale are fantastic design equipped with Monsoon outboard motors. This boat max speed is 55 knot. Also, max. engine power 280hp. Malibu M235 Boat is easy to drive and gives a safe feeling regardless of speed. The boat’s cockpit is spacious. It can be converted depending on activity. The choice of materials are carefully selected. The boat has a high level of standard equipment. We have included everything from a sporty look with a fast-paced character to comfort that suits the whole family.

Year:2018 Fuel: Gasoline Beam: 8.30 ft
Hull Material: Fiber glass Engine: Malibu Fuel Capacity: 85 gal
Engine Model: Monsoon Length Overall:  27 ft Number Of Engines: 1

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Malibu M235 for Sale & Malibu M235 Boats Photos

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Malibu M235 Boat price is $110.950 USD.

Malibu M235 Boat can go max. 55 knot.

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