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Melges 24 Boats for Sale 14% OFF *Only $24.875 USD

Melges 24 Boat is a high-tech sports boat for the ultimate in water entertainment and a top-notch international design race. A racing machine with carbon fiber mast, carbon rudder blade, carbon keel fin, quality HARKEN deck hardware, and retractable carbon fiber balloon mast. Easy handling and transportation thanks to the lifting keel, central lifting point, and custom-made road trailer. Melges 24 Sailboat is a fully equipped, race-ready boat according to the class rules. Melges 24 boat for sale has always been dry sailing. The asking price includes VAT. Since I bought the boat, it has been a great boat that has been brought back in good condition for racing. Almost brand new quantum 3D/I was used. As of December 2019, new working equipment and new top and bottom covers, mast and boom covers have been renewed.

Melges 24 Reviews & Melges 24 Specs

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If you are interested in Melges 24 Sailboat, please call us, and we will discuss the all details. All your offers will be evaluated. If you wish, we can schedule a day so that you can see the boat closely. We can provide a brochure with technical details about the boat. Melges 24 Boat is designed for racing however it is suitable also for tutoring and for the use of sailing clubs.

Year: 2006 Beam: 2,49m Draft: 1,52m
Engine: Yamaha 4-Takt Length: 7,82m Power: 2,5 Ps 2Kw
Sail area: 35m2 Material: Grp Rig: Sloop with carbon mast

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Melges 24 Boat price is $24.875 USD.

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