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Nitro Z18 Pro Boats for Sale 22% OFF *Just $29.750 USD

Nitro Z18 for sale has been chosen as America’s best-selling fiberglass bass boat and the official boat for Major League Fishing, It balances power and fishing capability in a ready-to-win package. The revolutionary Nitro Z18 PRO boat for sale with Rapid palling system transom is built around our hull and provides fast drilling and precise handling. The enormous bow deck is arranged for one purpose – catching fish. And the Z-core seating, exclusive to the Nitro Z18 for Sale, makes cruising the deep shores of the lake as comfortable as possible.

Nitro Z18 Pro Reviews & Nitro Z18 Pro Specs

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Nitro z 18 Pro Boat is a good choice for everything you could need. Thanks to the 24-volt Minn Kota trolling engine and the new Lowrance Hook Reveal 5C fishfinder. It’s truly a reference boat for everyone. Nitro makes nice boats with a good price option to buy compared to others in its class. If you are interested in our Nitro Z18 for sale, you can contact us via our contact number and send us the price offer.

Year: 2021 Engine Make: Mercury Marine Fuel Tanks: 40 Gal
Length: 19.2ft Power: 150 Hp Fuel Type: Gas
Hull material: Fiberglass Engine Type: Outboard Dry weight: 1780 lb

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Nitro Z18 Pro for Sale & Nitro Z18 Pro Boats Photos

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Nitro Z18 Pro price is approx $29.750 USD.

Please contact your dealer for warranty options.

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