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Nor-Dan 780 Boats for Sale 14% OFF **Final Price $32.900 USD

Nor-Dan 780 Boat for Sale final price is $32.900. Nor-Dan 780 Boats is a smartly planned family boat with 3 berths in the front middle cabin. Nor-Dan 780 Boats is ready for new adventures. I think this Nor-Dan Boat is for you who expect the best of modern boat design. It is absolutely optimal for 5-6 people. You will love this boat. If you wanna a test drive, please contact us.

Nor-Dan 780 Reviews & Nor-Dan 780 Specs

Nor-Dan-780-Boats-for-Sale Motor Boats

Type: Cabin cruiser Model: 2001 Width: 8ft 2.42in Engine: Volvo Penta 4.3 GI V12 Material: Fiberglass
Brand: Nor-Dan Model 780 Length : 26 feet Depth: 1ft 11.6in HP:245 Fuel: Gasoline

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Nor-Dan 780 for Sale & Nor-Dan 780 Boats Photos

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Nor-Dan 780 Boat price is approx $32.900

Nor-Dan 780 Boat producer is Nor-Dan Boats Norge AS

Nor-Dan 780 Boats can go 29 knot.

Please contact your dealer for warranty options.

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