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Pedro Donky 37 Boats for Sale 30% Discount **Just $67.000 Now

Pedro Donky 37 Boat for Sale at just $ 67.000 price. This is equipped with a strong 6 cylinder Perkins Saber diesel engine with 125 HP. Pedro Donky Boats‘s a striking design with an open cockpit has been very successful for many years. Also, this boat is equipped with many options such as; Compass, sounder, new wind measuring system, GPS plotter + VHF radio, anchor with mechanical winch, auxiliary heating, charger, shore connection, etc.

Pedro Donky 37 Reviews & Pedro Donky 37 Specs

Construction year: 2002
Length: 36ft 8.94in
Cylinder: 6
Width: 12ft 1.69in
Draft: 7.0in
Cabins: 1
Passengers: 6th
Drive: Inboard
Power: 125 hp
Material: Stainless Steel
Fuel: Diesel
Tank volume: 635
Price: $ 67,000

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Pedro Donky for Sale & Pedro Donky Boats Photos

Pedro-Donky-37-Boat-for-Sale_3 Motor Boats  Pedro-Donky-37-Boat-for-Sale_4 Motor Boats  Pedro-Donky-37-Boat-for-Sale_5 Motor Boats  Pedro-Donky-37-Boat-for-Sale_6 Motor Boats  Pedro-Donky-37-Boat-for-Sale_7 Motor Boats  Pedro-Donky-37-Boat-for-Sale_8 Motor Boats  Pedro-Donky-37-Boat-for-Sale_9 Motor Boats  Pedro-Donky-37-Boat-for-Sale_10 Motor Boats  Pedro-Donky-37-Boat-for-Sale_11 Motor Boats  Pedro-Donky-37-Boat-for-Sale_12 Motor Boats  Pedro-Donky-37-Boat-for-Sale_13 Motor Boats  Pedro-Donky-37-Boat-for-Sale_14 Motor Boats  Pedro-Donky-37-Boat-for-Sale_15 Motor Boats  Pedro-Donky-37-Boat-for-Sale_16 Motor Boats  Pedro-Donky-37-Boat-for-Sale_17 Motor Boats  Pedro-Donky-37-Boat-for-Sale_18 Motor Boats  Pedro-Donky-37-Boat-for-Sale_19 Motor Boats  Pedro-Donky-37-Boat-for-Sale_20 Motor Boats  Pedro-Donky-37-Boat-for-Sale_21 Motor Boats  Pedro-Donky-37-Boat-for-Sale_22 Motor Boats  Pedro-Donky-37-Boat-for-Sale_23 Motor Boats  Pedro-Donky-37-Boat-for-Sale_24 Motor Boats  Pedro-Donky-37-Boat-for-Sale_25 Motor Boats  Pedro-Donky-37-Boat-for-Sale_26 Motor Boats

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Pedro Donky 37 price is approx $67.000

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Pedro Donky 37 producer is Pedro-Boat, Holland

Pedro Donky 37 can go 10-12 knot.

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