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West Wight Potter 19 for Sale 10% OFF *Only $5.890 USD

West Wight Potter 19 Boat for sale is delivered complete with everything needed for launching, motor vehicle driving, and sailing. West Wight Potter 19 for sale are known to be high security, durable, comfortable boats. This special sailboat provides accommodation that is generally not available on boats of these sizes. Easy to trailer, rig, launch, and sail.

The rudder is tiltable and has a retractable daggerboard. It has a 4 person bed and has fully fabric vinyl cockpit cushions. User and engine maintenance manual, solar panel and solar ventilation fan, a hatch for the hatch, 150 ‘rope and 20’ chain anchor, Adjustable motor mount and foldable transom ladder, 12 V marine battery, single burner butane gas cooker are included in the Potter 19 Boat for sale.

West Wight Potter 19 Reviews & West Wight Potter 19 Specs

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West Wight Potter 19 for sale max speed is 34 knots. The bottom of the fiberglass was not fiberized on top of the wood. The boat is equipped with a foam extinguisher, oar, plush pump, 3 speakers, and 4 freeways. Also, the boat has new bow thruster, diesel heater, stove, kitchen, electric toilet, duck, wide walkways, 2 sleeping cabins. Engine and transmission oils changed this year.

Weight: 1355 lbs Length: 18’7″ Width: 7’8″
Power: 6 hp Year: 1990 Beam: 8.1 ft
Ballast: 378 lbs Sail Area: 190 sqft Draft: 3.58 ft

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West Wight Potter 19 for Sale & West Wight Potter 19 Boats Photos

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West Wight Potter 19 price is $5.980 USD.

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