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Robalo R180 Boats for Sale 10% OFF **Only $36.000 Best Price

Robalo R180 Boats for Sale is only $36.000 USD. You will save 10% right now if you look at this ad. Robalo R180 for Sale is an incredible boat with outstanding features compared to its rivals. If you are in search of a boat for fishing, it will be the right choice for you. You may be speechless once you have heard about its features. As for its passenger capacity, there are up to two people on board for safe travel. Robalo R180 Boats has unique advantages in terms of its technical features. Most importantly, it can start moving in 3,8 seconds and reach up to about 66 km per hour. That will be a key point to run away from the danger in the water. Also, the main features of the Robalo R180 are as follows,

Robalo R180 Reviews & Robalo R180 Specs

robalo-r180-for-sale Motor Boats

Robalo R180 Boats for Sale is excellent for a variety of leisure activities, transport and is especially suitable for fishing in the sea and lake. The engine has run for about 520 hours. The boat is now in winter storage and waiting for a new owner. Also installed speakers that play well. Bought a battery charger and set up a system that works great when I am with shore power. Full service on engine and drive completed in the spring of 2019. Robalo R180 Boats for Sale is very spacious to a nice boat for a weekend trip for the family and friends.

Year: 2017 Draws: 3′ 1,5′ Number Of Engines: 1 
Fuel: Gasoline  Engine: Yamaha Fuel Capacity: 55 gal
Length Overall: 19′ 2” ft  Engine Model: 135 Beam: 9 ft

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Robalo R180 for Sale & Robalo R180 Boats Photos

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Robalo R180 Boats price is approx $36.000 USD. You save 10%.

Robalo R180 Boats can go 29 knot.

Please contact your dealer for warranty options for this Robalo R180 Boat.