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Sea Ray 21 SPX Boats for Sale 15% OFF **ONLY $12.750 USD *Best Offer

Sea Ray 21 SPX Boat for Sale is just for $12.750 (15% OFF).  Sea Ray 21 SPX Boats is perfect for your trip on the water with friends and family for a fun time. There are a large bathing place and a very wide sun lounger on the boat. There is a place for 9-12 people. Sea Ray SPX 21 is a very fast boat and also very strong. Also, this boat has a modern engine. Boat price is final and I think it’s very competitive from others. Do not miss this opportunity for Sea Ray SPX Boat.

Sea Ray 21 SPX Reviews & Sea Ray 21 SPX Specs

Sea-Ray-21-SPX-Boat-for-Sale_19 Motor Boats


Name Sea Ray 21 SPX Engine year 2019
Type Speed Boat Engine location Inboard
Year 2019 Material Fiberglass
Size (feet) 23 Width 8ft 6.36in
HP 200 Depth (m) 1ft 3.74in
Fuel Type Petrol Weight (kg) Approx. 1490

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Sea Ray 21 SPX price is $12.750

Sea Ray 21 SPX can go 35 knot.

Sea Ray 21 SPX is waiting for you. Please contact us with below form. We will contact with you as soon as possible.

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