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Sea Ray 260 Sundancer Boats for Sale **BIG DISCOUNT *Just $55.900

Sea Ray 260 Sundancer Boats For Sale price is only $55.900.  Save 30% extra for this boat. If you are looking for entertainment in a more adventurous way, you probably fall in love with Sea Ray 260 Sundancer Boats. Life would be so boring for those who are decisive for spending their leisure time in noisy, hectic and stressful city centers, wouldn’t it? Take your pieces of stuff and have a brilliant Sunday breakfast in the sea with your lovely family. You can park your boat wherever you want and enjoy sunbathing. Sea Ray 260 Sundancer for sale will definitely make your friends envy. Here are important properties about this baby you want to know;

Sea Ray 260 Sundancer Reviews & Sea Ray 260 Sundancer Specs

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Sea Ray 260 Sundancer Boats For Sale is a very versatile boat with plenty of space and smart decor. These boats are known for high quality and functionality in a class of its own. Completed and beautiful craftsmanship in robust mahogany. There is a well-known trotter in the engine compartment 220 HP, Volvo Penta, and good service has been taken every year. Sea Ray 260 Sundancer Boats For Sale has a heater and shower, toilet, refrigerator, hob, 220v shore power, microwave (only 220v) music system with Bluetooth, etc.

Make: Sea Ray Model: 260 Sundancer Condition: Used
Year: 2018 Class: Ski and Fish Length: 32 ft
Beam: 9ft 7in Seating Capacity: 6 Fuel Tanks: 72 gal

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Sea Ray 260 Sundancer for Sale & Sea Ray 260 Sundancer Boats Photos

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Sea Ray 260 Sundancer Boats price is approx $55.900

Sea Ray 260 Sundancer Boats producer is Sea Ray.

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