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SeaArk Procat 240 Boats for Sale 25% OFF *Best Offer Here

SeaArk Procat 240 Boat is specially designed for tournament catfishermen. Do you love catfishing? Do you want a boat that is number 1 in the market? So you will love my SeaArk Procat 240 Boat for Sale. This boat is number 1 for 10 years! Its features such as 80 gallon rear Livewell and self-draining bow deck make this boat the most impressive catfishing boat. It has lots of electronics too. SeaArk Procat 240 Boat is the boat you are looking for if you want a boat both comfortable and useful! Also, it is the boat that you will feel safe on it.

SeaArk Procat 240 Reviews & SeaArk Procat 240 Specs

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SeaArk Procat 240 Boat is a light boat that is easy to handle and offers space for 4 people. For best performance, a Yamaha outboard engine with 20 horsepower is recommended. Safety is a top priority for SeaArk Procat 240 Boats. It includes both predictable driving characteristics and general use, both in narrow ports and when the boat is running on more open water. The boat has a large, open cockpit with a central console that is well protected from weather and wind and an ergonomic passage from the bow to the stern on both sides of the console.

Year:2020 Max Draft:3ft Beam: 94ft
Fuel: Gasoline Engine: Yamaha Fuel Capacity: 59gal
Length Overall: 24ft  Engine Model: F200XB Number of Engines: 1

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