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Shadowcast 18 Boats for Sale $7.900 USD **Discount Price 17% OFF

Shadowcast 18 for Sale was custom built-in Ft. Technical boats and flats boats add performance and value to world standards. Designed as a tunnel body, instead of a tunnel in an existing design from day one, Shadowcast 18 Boats works easily right out of the box without the need for jack plates or other modifications. Thanks to a pronounced “V” input, Ankona Shadowcast 18 Boats for Sale provides a surprisingly smooth ride, and most importantly, top-notch poling performance. Ankona Shadowcast 18 for sale has an aggressive-looking tunnel design with the propeller shaft positioned just above the hull base to operate in very shallow water. If you are interested in our boat, please contact us and learn the details.

Shadowcast 18 Reviews & Shadowcast 18 Specs

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Shadowcast 18 for Sale is developed for practical function. Easy to use and easy to own. The whole boat exudes quality and style. Shadowcast 18 Boats are great family boat and practical solutions make it seem bigger than it is. The boat has been stored indoors in winter, winter conservation with service, and battery storage indoors. Also, the boat is in good condition. Ankona Shadowcast 18 Boats for Sale has a nice marching speed of about 22-24 knot, and a maximum speed of about 29 knot. I have owned the boat for 5 years and it has been ashore every year for maintenance and bottom lubrication. Please check the other information below.

Length: 19’15″ Weight: 380 lbs Max Hp: 32 Hp
Capacity: 3 persons / 425 lbs. Console options: Tiller, center, or side Beam: 62″
Bare Hull Weight: 245 lbs Input type: V Body Type: Tunnel

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Shadowcast 18 for Sale & Shadowcast 18 Boats Photos

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Shadowcast 18 Boats price is approx $7.900.

Shadowcast 18 Boats producer is Ankona Boats.

Shadowcast 18 Boats can go max 29 knot.

Please contact your dealer for warranty options.

You can find all details in Shopelza website for Shadowcast 18 Boats.