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Sirius 31 DS Boats for Sale 22% OFF *ONLY $78.000 USD

Sirius 31 DS Boat for Sale is only $78.000. This sailboat made with love by the designer Heribert Streuer. We were bought Sirius 31 DS Boats 3 years ago and all the technical components have been replaced with new ones. This boat is very clean and waiting for a new owner. Please don’t want any discount from us because this price is very suitable. Also, you can check some specs and photos on here.

Sirius 31 DS Reviews & Sirius 31 DS Specs

Sirius-31-DS-Boats-for-Sale Sailboats

Construction year: 1993 Width: 10ft 5.1in Drive: Sailboat Fuel: Diesel
Length: 30ft 6.4in Cabins: 3 Power: 32 HP Price: $78,000

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Sirius 31 DS for Sale & Sirius 31 DS Boats Photos

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If you are looking for used Sirius 31 DS boats for sale at Craigslist, the above advertisement might be for you. For more related Sirius 31 DS's advertisement, please check the related ads below. Please contact us for any further information. We have approx 38,000 quality boat models like Sirius 31 DS Boats on this site. One of them is waiting for you.

Sirius 31 DS price is approx $79.000

Sirius 31 DS can go 24 knot.

Please contact your dealer for warranty options for Sirius 31 DS Sailboat

We offer in U.S. Dollar for Sirius 31 DS Boat.

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