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Windrider 17 Boats for Sale 16% OFF **Only $11.950 USD

Windrider 17 Boat for Sale was built in 2015 but never used until 2018. The Windrider 17 for sale is a small pedal foot steered trimaran sailboat with a capacity of four people. It has upgraded hardware and has an upgraded engine technology that makes it incredibly fast. 21 knots of SOG have been achieved. The Windrider 17 for Sale is completely safe. The experience of an owner; “Although the waves rolling behind is very stable, we traveled 6-7 ‘with good strength. He can do this over and over again. We absolutely enjoyed surfing in incredible waves.” It is possible to say that the Windrider 17 Boat will be the most exciting sailing experience you will have in your sailing experience. If you are interested in this boat, get in touch via our contact numbers.

Windrider 17 Reviews & Windrider 17 Specs

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Windrider 17 for sale has been in the water almost all the time. After the storm damage, the hull has been repaired and sailed. The hull of the boat is in good condition and in good condition after the machine has been serviced. Legend, sails well, suitable for both beginners and experienced, fast stable, and safe. The deal includes inspection and travel equipment in addition to the normal equipment included in the boat.

Year: 2015 Beam: 3.98 meters Length overall: 5.79 meters
Length: 17.5′ Electrical Circuit: 12V Additional Equipment: Road trailer
Beam: 12 ft 13 in LOA: 17 ft 6 in Hull Weight: 184 kg

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Windrider 17 for Sale & Windrider 17 Boats Photos

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Windrider 17 Boat price is approx $11.950 USD.

Windrider 17 Boat producer is WindRider LLC.

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