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Yamaha AR210 Boats for Sale **BIG OFFER 30% DISCOUNT *JUST $37.850

Yamaha AR 210 Boats for Sale is enough to build a family fishing boat. Yamaha AR 210 Boats are ideal for day trips and leisure. Beverage can-mounted rear swim section design, backrest pads, convenient and safe to wear on sand bars, and water sports. It is a great party boat. There are many passenger rooms. Trailer included new batteries and spark plug installed. Yamaha AR 210 for sale offers you everything you need. Cockpit and head details. Snap-in marine-grade woven floor mat. Removable dining table with legs: assembled in the cockpit and in the rear. Filled cushions suitable for the head that offer multiple seating. Hinged seat cushions mounted beverage holders.

Yamaha AR210 Reviews & Yamaha AR210 Specs

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Yamaha AR 210 Boats for Sale has unique features include. For example, practical and large storage spaces, a wide control panel that provides very good protection, and a windscreen that curves around the driver’s seat. The boat is stored on land indoors in winter also stored in a boathouse in the summer. Freshwater tank. No hot water. Drain and drain throughout the cockpit so that the entire boat can be flushed after use. Yamaha AR 210 Boats for Sale Craigslist represents a perfect combination of top design, practical details, and a sporty look.

Dry Weight: 3,216 Lb Fuel Tank Capacity: 55 gal Nominal Length: 22.35 ft
Fuel Type: Gasoline Propeller Type: 3-Blade Drive Type: Jet Speed
Engine Type: Inboard / 1 Engine Beam: 9 ft. 4 in. Draft: 22 in.

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